Hissstory of Reptiles Alive LLC

Reptiles Alive LLC is the realized dream of Caroline Seitz. Caroline has loved reptiles, especially snakes, from the time she was 3 years old. A live snake program presented by Dennis and Carole Moore in the 1970’s captured Caroline’s interest and she started writing letters to them and going to as many of their shows as her parents and grandparents would allow. The Moore’s graciously encouraged Caroline by responding to her many letters and allowing her to handle live snakes onstage during the shows. She knew that presenting live reptile shows would be her life’s goal.

In the fourth grade, Caroline performed her first live reptile show for a public audience of children and adults at Hidden Oaks Nature Center. The nature center staff had her present more and more shows, and before she knew it, Caroline was performing live reptile shows on a regular basis.
The Reptile Lady” was created In 1996 when Caroline left her zoo position to focus full time on creating an educational live animal show organization. Combining her expert public presentation skills with non-releasable animals she had rescued as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, Caroline’s programs quickly became very popular. In 1998, Caroline was presenting so many shows, she had to bring help. Jennifer Rafter and Jeff Streicher were the first two staff hired – and since Jeff didn’t want to answer the phone by saying “Reptile Lady,” the name was officially changed to Reptiles Alive! LLC.
Since then, Reptiles Alive! LLC has grown in reputation and popularity. We have been featured on television, radio, and newspapers. Each year we assist animal control agencies and police departments with reptile rescues. We teach reptile classes for wildlife organizations. And of course, we present wildly exciting and fun live reptile shows.

Rachel was wonderful and had the kids full attention. We’ll see you again next year for my next son’s birthday!!” – Stacee Bako, Mom, Arlington, VA

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