African Bullfrog
Pyxiecephalus adspersus

Reptiles Alive Name: Jabba

Hisssstory: Jabba was adopted from a reptile rescue group.

RA Diet: Jabba eats a large diet of crickets, superworms, earthworms, and dead mice.

Natural Diet: In the wild, these frogs can eat anything that fits in their mouth (which is very large) including invertebrates, fish, other amphibians, reptiles, rodents, and small birds.

Range: Tropical and Southern Africa

Habitat: They live in a variety of hot and dry habitats, such as savannas, steppes, and brushland.

Size: The largest frogs in Africa, males can grow up to 9 inches (not including legs). Females tend to be smaller.

Lifespan: African Bullfrogs can live up to 35 years or more.

Reproduction: During the brief wet season, these frogs emerge from their underground homes and congregate in small ponds and puddles and males compete to establish dominance. Females lay up to 4,000 eggs that hatch in only 2 days. Males care for the tadpoles and will even dig channels to adjoining pools as the water dries up.

Conservation Issues: While African Bullfrogs are not endangered or threatened, they may be declining due to hunting, habitat destruction, and collection for the pet trade.

Cool Facts: During the long dry season, these frogs will go into an underground hibernation called estivation. They coat themselves in a cocoon of dead skin that prevents their body from drying out.

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