Alice Lovett

Dragon Trainer

Reptiles Alive Name: Dragon Trainer Alice

Hisstory: Dragon Trainer Alice’s past is filled with education. She graduated from  the University of Colorado, Boulder with a degree in Psychology in 2016 and started working as the Animal Keeper at RA in 2018.

RA Diet: Dragon Trainer Alice is easily sustained on a diet of leftovers, hot dogs, and tuna salad sandwiches.

Natural Diet: Dragon Trainer Alice, like many large reptiles, is omnivorous but greatly prefers meats over plants. She has a sweet spot for unusual and exotic fruits, like lychee, quince, and mangosteen, and she enjoys asparagus and artichokes. You will never see her chowing down on beef, though–her diet consists mainly of birds and fish.

Range: Dragon Trainer Alice was originally found in Texas, but was relocated several times until she was introduced to her long-term habitat in the foothills of Colorado. She has been spotted in Italy, Greece, Canada, and Mexico, and just recently, her primary range has been relocated to Northern Virginia and parts of Maryland.

Habitat: Dragon Trainer Alice is a shy and reclusive species, sighted mainly indoors with her close friends or a computer, but she also can be seen on shady nature trails, looking for insects near creeks and streams, and happily searching for new reading material at the library.

Size: Dragon Trainer Alice is small, at 5’0”, but mighty enough to defend her territory.

Lifespan: Dragon Trainer Alice is still young, and is expected to live for at least another 50-60 years.

Reproduction: Dragon Trainer Alice is unlikely to reproduce, but she acts as a parent to all the reptiles under her care at Reptiles Alive!

Conservation: From the time she was very young, Dragon Trainer Alice enjoyed learning about animals and was quick to help them out. She was known to pick up worms from the sidewalk after a rain and place them on dirt patches where they could burrow down and not dry out. In second grade, she designed a boat that would rescue and treat injured marine life for a class project, and she is always quick to offer facts about even the tiniest or most unusual creatures when prompted.

Cool Facts: Dragon Trainer Alice is particularly interested in the study and captive care of insects, and owns a small colony of Formica sp. ants. She is also an artist who occasionally references the reptiles she works with in order to draw more realistic and interesting dragons!