Argentinian Horned Frog
Ceratophrys ornata

Reptiles Alive Name: Totes McGotes

Hisssstory: Totes was adopted.

RA Diet: Totes McGotes eats a diet of crickets, superworms, and the occasional dead mouse.

Natural Diet: Horned Frogs wait for food to come to them. They will eat insects, lizards, and even other amphibians.

Range: Tropical rainforests of Central and Southern South America

Habitat: These frogs prefer the leafy muddy forest floor of humid, wet tropical rainforests.

Size: Females can grow up to 5.5 inches (including legs) but are often wider than they are long. Males are smaller.

Lifespan: Horned Frogs can live about 6 years.

Reproduction: Females can lay up to 2,000 eggs that develop within 2 weeks

Conservation Issues: These frogs are not threatened but are an important member of the food chain, serving as both predator and prey.

Cool Facts: Horned Frogs have many nicknames. They are called horned frogs because they appear to have a “horn” over each eye. They are also called Pac-man Frogs because they resemble the well-known video game character.

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