2016 Annual Wildlife Exhibitor Report


Whoo HOO!  We celebrate our 20th anniversary of reptile education and herpetological fun this year!  And what a great year 2016 has been for us.

We presented a total of 760 educational shows to reach approximately 56,500 people between September 30, 2015 through October 1, 2016.  That is a heck of a lot of reptile education goin’ on!  Shows were presented at schools, summer camp programs,  libraries and all kinds of special events throughout the DC, MD, VA region.  More than half our shows were for repeat clients, some of whom have had Reptiles Alive visit every year for 20 years!


Delighted students meet CobraCaroline and some awesome RA animal friends at one of 760 shows we presented this year.

Delighted students meet CobraCaroline and some awesome RA animal friends at one of 760 shows we presented this year.


We added a new RA staff member this year.  Sarah Ritter (SafariSarah) joined our team in April and hit the ground running!  Her first shows for us included public events for the National Park Service at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens and the DC Department of Parks & Recreation.  She proved herself to be flexible, professional, and totally fun  – just the qualities RA wildlife educators need to have!

SafariSarah joined the RA staff as a wildlife educator in April.

SafariSarah joined the RA staff as a wildlife educator in April.

New animals added to our team include an adorable false map turtle and an even more adorable baby spiny softshell turtle.

The false map turtle was found in a Fairfax County, VA park pond – and false map turtles are not native to Fairfax VA.  So the senior park naturalist (who happens to be our weekend wildlife educator Tony Bulmer “TuataraTony”) removed the turtle and asked if RA could take him in.

map turtle.

Our adorable new addition Atlas the false map turtle.

The spiny softshell turtle was found in an abandoned aquarium inside of a car.  He was taken to the Wildlife Center of Virginia who determined he is healthy.  When they contacted us, we had room as we lost our spiny softshell last year, so we adopted him.  He is currently in quarantine, but look for him to star in shows starting in November.

Even MORE ADORABLE baby softshell turtle. Our newest RA team member!

Even MORE ADORABLE baby softshell turtle. Our newest RA team member!

Looking ahead to 2017 we see a sssuper future of even more herpetological fun!
See you later alligators!





A Few 2015 RA Team Memories

Reptiles Alive is gearing up to celebrate our 20th anniversary this year!  Let’s start with a few thoughts from the RA team about this past year.

CobraCaroline with Sunflower the Albino Boa Constrictor

CobraCaroline with Sunflower the Albino Boa Constrictor

 Caroline Seitz “CobraCaroline”
2015 was another fun, amazing, and fast paced year here at Reptiles Alive.  As the director, I had the pleasure of working with one of the best teams we’ve had.  I can’t say enough good things about Rockin’ReptileRachel, LizardLiz, and TuataraTony.  Reptiles Alive is great because each of them is so dedicated to our mission to teach about how reptiles are super animals, just as important as any other creature.


Rockin'ReptileRachel with Tupinambis the Tegu

Rockin’ReptileRachel with Tupinambis the Tegu

Rachel Walker “Rockin’ReptileRachel”

As Assistant Director, Rachel presented over 340 shows to nearly 26,500 people while also:  answering phones, responding to emails, booking shows, assisting with animal care, and taking charge of everything while I was traveling.  And no matter what she is doing, Rachel always has a positive, upbeat attitude.  As one of our clients said about her, “We definitely look forward to having Reptiles Alive come back and hopefully with Rachel, she made the experience wonderful!”

tony and beardie

TuataraTony and Mr. Beardie the Bearded Dragon

Tony Bulmer “TuataraTony”

RA Wildlife Educator Tony says “The best thing [about last year] is the amount of repeat birthdays I did. It is always amazing how many times we go back year to year to the same house for the same child. They never get tired of us!
When asked about what made him the happiest at RA in 2015, he said “I think hitting my 15 year mark as your employee! Maybe 16 I am not sure.”
As for the future, Tony says “In 2016 I look forward to keeping up the fight in protecting the coolest family of animals on the planet, the reptiles. Wildlife educators rock!.”
LizardLiz and Rango the Iguana

LizardLiz and Rango the Iguana

 Elizabeth Thompson “LizardLiz”
2015 was Liz’s first year working at RA.  Hired as both our Lead Animal Keeper and as a Wildlife Educator, Liz is in charge of the animal care and she is responsible for presenting outreach shows as well.  Over the past year, she has demonstrated a true passion and commitment for both the care of the reptiles and teaching others about them.
Liz says:
“The best thing to happen to me in 2015 was being hired on with Reptiles Alive! I couldn’t believe that I got my dream job less than a year out of college! It just goes to show that experience, education, and persistence truly pay off! I am so excited to be working with such wonderful people and share my passion with hundreds of children!
I am very happy about all of the positive feedback that I get from all of my clients as well as my coworkers! It feels good to know that I am excelling at my job as much as I am enjoying it! I love working with all of the animals as well as all the kids!
My 2016 goals:
I aim to do more shows so that I can visit more awesome kids and have a blast teaching them!
I want to learn more about all kinds of animals! No one ever stops learning!
I hope to continue improving in my work and living up to my coworkers’ expectations!”

Reptiles Alive LLC 2014 Annual Wildlife Exhibitor Report

What a TOADALLY awesome year this has been at Reptiles Alive LLC!  A year full of great shows, great clients, and great RA team members!

caroline and boom boom kiss

From October 2013 through September 2014, we presented 790 education programs – exactly the same number as last year!  (How weird is that?)  Our audience reach was up from last year to approximately 61,400 people who enjoyed our shows.  We returned to present at many of the same schools, events, and libraries that we visit every year such as The Fairfax, Loudoun, and Montgomery County and DC Public Libraries,  Doodlehopper 4 Kids, National Harbor and so many more great places and events.  We also enjoyed meeting new folks at new events including the Fredericksburg Pet Expo, The Prevention of Blindness Society of Metropolitan Washington’s Eye Run, The Historic Henrico Theater, and at all the schools, scouts, and private parties that had us for the first time this year.  So much fun and herpetological education going on!

We would not be able to present so many great programs without our invaluable team of wildlife educators.  Rockin’ReptileRachel performed the most with 373 shows reaching approximately 29,200 people.  Coming in second was CobraCaroline with 180 shows reaching 19,200 people.  TuataraTony presented 137 shows reaching 6,050 people and SidewinderStephen presented 100 shows and reached 7,000 people.

Of course, there is a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes both in our office and our animal care.   SidewinderStephen has become an accomplished animal keeper here at RA.  He is an expert at managing our animal collection and has gotten to know each of our animals as individuals.  When asked if he has a favorite RA animal, he says “That’s a really hard question!  I guess if I have to pick it would be Splash (our water monitor lizard) or Hannah (our savanna monitor lizard.)  They seem to have such great personalities.”

day in the life 5

New animals we added to our permanent collection this year are:

2 Australian Green Treefrogs Litoria caerulea  – donated to us as unwanted pets

2 Eastern Rat Snakes Pantherophis alleghaniensis – one was an unwanted pet left at a vet clinic and one was found inside a school building!

1 Leopard Gecko Eublepharis macularius – donated to us as an unwanted pet

1 Argentine Horned Frog Ceratophrys ornata  – received as a captive bred froglet 🙂

Transferred or Deceased Animals:

1 Copes Gray Treefrog Hyla chrysocelis – died due to unknown causes

1 Eastern King Snake Lampropeltis getula getula – transferred to a nature center

1 Marbled Salamander Ambystoma opacum – died due to unknown causes

1 White Lined Gecko Geckko vittatus – transferred to a naturalist

1 Yellow Spotted Amazon River Turtle Podocnemis unifilis – died due to a systemic bacterial infection that did not respond to medical treatment  (we miss you Podoc!)



Reptiles Alive! LLC 2014 Animal Inventory
African Spurred Tortoise 1 Geochelone sulcata
American Alligator 2 Alligator missipiensis
American Toad 2 Anaxyrus americanus
Argentine Horned Frog 1 Ceratophres ornata
Australian Green Treefrog 4 Litoria caerulea
Ball Python 1 Python regius
Bearded Dragon 2 Pogona vitticeps
Blue Tongue Skink 3 Teliqua scincoides
Boa Constrictor 4 Boa constrictor constrictor
Bull Frog 2 Rana catesbeiana
Burmese Python 1 Python molurus bivittatus
California King Snake 2 Lampropeltis getula californiae
Central Asian Tortoise 1 Testudo horsefieldi
Crested Gecko 1 Rhacodactylus ciliatus
Corn Snake 2 Pantherophis guttatus
Earthworm 25+ Eisenia fetida
Eastern Box Turtle 1 Terrapene carolina carolina
Eastern Rat Snake 3 Pantherophis obsoletus
Eastern Snapping Turtle 1 Chelydra serpintena serpentina
Garden Slug 5 Limax maximus
Green Iguana 2 Iguana iguana
Haitian Brown Tarantula 1 Phormictophis cancerides
Haitian Cockroach 25 + Blaberus sp.
Honduran Milk Snake 2 Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis
House Cricket 1000 Acheta domestica
Kenyan Sand Boa 1 Eryx colubrinus loveridgei
Leopard Gecko 2 Eublepharis macularius
Leopard Tortoise 1 Geochelone pardalis
Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches 25+ Gromphadorina portentosa
Malagasy Giant Hognose Snake 1 Leioheterodon madagascarensis
Marbled Salamander 1 Ambystoma opacum
Mealworm 1000 Tenebrio molitar
Nelson’s Milksnake 1 Lampropeltis triangulum nelsonii
Northern Diamondback Terrapin 1 Malaclemys terrapin
Pacific Gopher Snake 1 Pituophis catenifer catenifer
Prehensile-tailed Skink 1 Corucia zebrata
Savannah Monitor Lizard 1 Varanus exanthematicus
Spiny Softshell Turtle 1 Apalone spinifera
Spotted Salamander 1 Ambystoma maculatum
Spotted Turtle 1 Clemmys guttata
Sudan Plated Lizard 1 Gerrhosaurus major
Tegu Lizard 2 Tupinambis teguixin
Uromastyx Lizard 1 Uromastyx acanthurus
Water Monitor Lizard 1 Varanus salvator
Western Hognose Snake 1 Heterodon nasicus


Looking Back at a WILD Summer!

One WILDLY awesome summer was had here at Reptiles Alive!  We performed more shows than ever at more libraries, camps, festivals, and all kinds of special summer events.  Here is a quick  look back at the summer of 2014.

SidewinderStephen and a new Reptile Ranger team member!

SidewinderStephen and a new Reptile Ranger team member!

cv and boa at warl

CobraCaroline at the Washington Animal Rescue League’s summer animal camp

Our box turtle driving to a show....

Our box turtle driving to a show….


B.A. the gator letting us know how he feels about working in the morning.

B.A. the gator letting us know how he feels about working in the morning.

Two new American TOADIES are enjoying their home at RA.

Two new American TOADIES are enjoying their home at RA.

Keeper SidewinderStephen workin' real hard.

Keeper SidewinderStephen workin’ real hard.

Rockin'ReptileRachel and, well, hello there - you're not a reptile!

Rockin’ReptileRachel and, well, hello there – you’re not a reptile!

TuataraTony with his best pal Boanita.

TuataraTony with his best pal Boanita.

We are now ready for an even more WILDLY awesome fall!  Ssssee you all ssssoon!