Tokay Gecko

Gecko gecko


Reptiles Alive Name: Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon

Hissstory: We received Freddy as an unwanted pet on April 29, 2005.

RA Diet: Crickets, mealworms, earthworms, roaches, and dead mice.

Natural Diet: Anything that moves and is smaller than the gecko.  Tokays will eat birds, snakes, other lizards, insects, frogs – you name and they will eat it!

Range: Tokay geckos naturally occur in Southeast Asia and Malaysia, but they have been Introduced in Florida, Hawaii and many other tropical places around the world.

Habitat: The understory and canopy of tropical rainforests. They can also be found living in cities and even inside of homes in tropical areas.

Size: Tokays can grow to 8 – 10 inches – that is a BIG gecko!

Reproduction: Tokays lay 2-3 sticky eggs in the crevices of tree bark and rocks.

Lifespan: Can live over 50 years.

Conservation: Tokay geckos are important in controlling pests such as cockroaches and locusts.  However, they can also eat small birds, mammals, frogs, and other reptiles, which makes them a potentially damaging invasive species in locations where they have been introduced – such as Hawaii.

Cool Facts: Tokay geckos get their name from the loud “Tow-kay” call they make. Like most geckos, Tokays can walk vertically or even upside down on nearly any surface,  including glass.   They do this by using microscopic scales in the shape of hooks on the bottom of their feet. These scales grab on to microscopic imperfections found on every surface. Scientists are studying gecko feet in order to develop super strong tape, and maybe even gloves and shoes you could wear to walk up a wall.  Just like Spider-man – or GECKO MAN!