Tony Bulmer
Wildlife Educator


Tony with Starlight

 Reptiles Alive Name: “Tuatara Tony”

Hissstory: Tuatara Tony has been with Reptiles Alive LLC almost from our very beginning back in the nineties! Which makes him closely related to dinosaurs. Listen closely for his grunts and groans as he lifts some of our heavier reptile friends.

RA Diet: Tony enjoys eating red meat and corn nuts. He also never turns down pizza from birthday party hosts.

Natural Diet: Grilled anything and watermelon.

Range: Tuatara Tony grew up on the salt marshes of Southern Connecticut. He was relocated to Northern Virginia after a spell in the United States Air Force.

Habitat: You can find Tony the Tautara cruising the beltway with a truck full of reptiles. When not working for Reptiles Alive, visit him at Ellanor C. Lawrence Park where he is the naturalist in charge of Programs. If not in the building, he is deep in the woods somewhere locating native reptiles and amphibians.

Size: Tony has reached a total length of 5’10 and has a fluctuating waist line.

Lifespan: Tuatara Tony  could live to 90 years or more. (Depending on how many corn nuts he eats.)

Reproduction: Tuatara Tony has been mated for 12 years to Darlene and is the proud parent of three children.

Conservation: In addition to working at Reptiles Alive, Tuatara Tony is currently a Naturalist at Ellanor C. Lawrence Park in Chantilly, Virginia. He has a degree in Parks and Recreation and loves protecting the environment. His long-term goal is to stay in the woods permanently.

Cool Facts: As a wildlife educator Tony can talk about critters for days. While he loves reptiles and amphibians he is equally versed in mammals and birds. When asked why he does so well with birthday parties for Reptiles Alive he says, “I have three children, need I say more.”