Custom Live Animal Shows

Great for:

  • Adult Education Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Corporate Promotions
  • Video/Photography Animal Rentals
  • and Much More!

Educational Workshops and Seminars

Perfect for: animal shelter staff, animal control officers, nature center staff, wildlife rehabilitators, pest control staff, law enforcement officers, and other other people who are interested in learning more about reptiles. We’ve taught classes for: The Wildlife Center of Virginia, The Wildife Rescue League, The Alexandria Animal Welfare League, pet stores, and many other groups. We offer programs lasting from one hour to multi-day events. Prices for our workshops and seminars vary. Please contact us for details.

We can customize a program to fit the needs of your group, or, you can choose from one of our past programs:

      • Reptile Rescue & Rehabilitation
        Wildlife rehabilitators, animal shelter staff, and other people who work with animals will learn the basics about rescuing reptiles. Reptile identification, husbandry, handling techniques and more may be covered in this class. Live animals, hands-on opportunities, and a slide show may all be included in the program. We can customize the length and content of the class to match your organization’s needs.
      • Urban & Nuisance Reptiles (Reptile removal and exclusion techniques)
        Animal control officers, pest control technicians, wildlife rehabilitators and anyone who works with animals and the public will learn techniques on how to better deal with people who are having reptile “problems.” Snake exclusion techniques, identification, natural history, and safe handling will all be discussed. Topics may also include the problems with unwanted pet reptiles and taking reptile related phone calls from the public. Live animals, hands-on opportunities and a slide show may all be included in the program.
      • Natural History and Identification  Wildlife rehabilitators, animal control and shelter staff, or anyone who is interested personally or professionally in the natural history of reptiles and amphibians will enjoy this educational and entertaining program. Live snakes, turtles, frogs and more may be featured along with a slide show in the program.
      • Reptile Husbandry & Care
        Wildlife rehabilitators, pet store staff, reptile pet owners, and anyone interested in reptile husbandry will learn how to keep reptiles healthy in captivity during this class. Proper enclosures, temperatures, feeding techniques and more will all be covered. Live animals and a slide show may be included.
      • Corporate Promotions
        Are you looking to draw huge attendance numbers to your movie opening, store grand opening or other corporate event? Bring Reptiles Alive LLC to your promotional event and watch how excited your customers become when they meet our exotic live animals along with our friendly and professional animal handlers. Call or email us today with details of your event so we can customize a special appearance perfect for your occasion.
      • Live Animal Rentals for Videos & Photography
        Do you need some amazing and beautiful animals for your video or photography project? Reptiles Alive LLC can provide you with a variety of awesome animals and our experienced animal handlers will help you get the shot or video action you need. Call or email us today with details of your project and we can give you a price quote.

Do you have a need for live reptiles that you don’t see here?
Just call or email us today and we will work to customize an appearance to fit your needs.

“Reptiles Alive did an outstanding job.” – Caroline Aderholt, Mom, Arlington, VA