Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a question for us, you are welcome to call us at 703 560-0257 or email [email protected]

We suggest booking your show as early as possible to secure your first choice of a date and time. We are sometimes able to fit people in at the last minute, but you are more likely to find open slots if you book your show at least a month in advance.

We offer a variety of shows for a variety of audiences. Visit Our Shows for a list of our show prices and links to the various types of shows we offer.

A Reptiles Alive LLC wildlife educator will come to your location, depending on the type of show you have, 10-30 minutes prior to your show’s start time to get set up. The educator will showcase the animals, usually one at a time, tell funny animal stories, fascinating facts, and entertain the audience. The shows are great fun for audiences of all ages. Here a links to helpful prep sheet that explain how we set up for different types of shows:

We ask that you book your show with us when you are committed to having us and committed to the date and time you are booking. Refunds or show reschedules will be issued for the following reasons: Inclement Weather (snow, ice, hurricanes, etc..); Illness or Injury on the part of the client or our presenter; Family Emergencies on the part of the client or our presenter; Interruption or Delay of Transportation (the car breaks down, the beltway is closed, etc…) of our presenter; or any cause beyond the control of Reptiles Alive LLC or the client.

For the safety of our presenters and animals, we usually cancel shows during icy or snowy conditions. We will offer to reschedule your show or or give you a 100% refund, whichever you prefer.

Absolutely yes! One of the best aspects of having a Reptiles Alive LLC show at your event is the presenter. Our wildlife educators are truly great at capturing the attention of young children and helping them feel safe and comfortable around the animals. Our shows bring smiles and excitement to the faces of our youngest audience members.

We offer 30 and 45 minute shows. Depending on the size of your audience, you may also choose to add our “Reptile Meet & Greet” to the end of your show which adds another 15-30 minutes per 100 people.

Yes, we can do multiple programs at each event and we discount the cost of additional shows booked back to back on the same day at the same location.

With small groups of less than 25 people, we offer hands-on shows that allow audience member to touch most of the animals they meet during the show. If you would like a larger group (26 or more people) to have hands-on contact with an animal, please add our “Reptile Meet & Greet” ($75 per 100 people) to the end of your show.

We accept all types of credit cards, checks, and cash.

Yes, we require a 50% deposit at the time of the booking to hold your show reservation.

Yes, contact us for references’ contact information.

Yes, Reptiles Alive LLC is insured with both liability and workers compensation coverage. We can provide a Certificate of Insurance upon request.

Yes, we have the necessary permits to possess and publicly exhibit all the animal species we keep.

Yes, all of the animals brought to our shows are healthy. Prior to entering our permanent collection, new animals undergo a 4-6 months quarantine period, are de-parasatized, and given multiple physical exams by our director. Our professional animal keeper staff maintain strict hygiene standards for all the animals’ enclosures. Animal nutrition, life support (heating, water filtration, etc…) and daily visual inspections of our animals ensure that the animals are kept healthy. When needed, we have an on-call wildlife veterinarian available.

Depending on the type of event you are a having, your presenter will arrive about 10-30 minutes prior to the show’s start time to begin setting up. Please have a close parking space available and allow him/her access to the performance space when he/she arrives. If the parking is not very close, or if there are lots of stairs to the performance space, please let us know in advance. If you are in a difficult to find location, driving directions would be very helpful too.

No, we don’t use any dangerously venomous reptiles in our presentations. In certain shows, we bring a tarantula, which, like all spiders, is venomous. However, the tarantulas are not allowed to be touched by our audience.

We have over 40 different species of animals in our collection. To see descriptions and pictures of all our animals, click here. The actual animals exhibited will depend on the type of show you have chosen. We are not able to guarantee special requests for specific animals, but if you let us know your favorites in advance, we will try to grant your reptile wishes.

We usually bring 5-6 animals for our 30 minute shows and 7-9 animals for the 45 minute shows.

Depending on the type of event you are having, we may need as little as a standard living room or as much as a stage. Generally, we suggest choosing the largest space available with the least amount of furniture or “things” in it.

Give us a call at 703 560-0257, send us an email to [email protected] or request a booking on-line here.

When we receive your booking information we will check our schedule for availability and either contact you for alternate dates/times or send you a contract to confirm you are booked. We will need a 50% deposit and signed contract to complete your booking.

“Excellent! The command, the ability, to harness the attention of children was stunning!” – Sheila Latham, Parent