Honduran Milk Snake

(Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis)

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Reptiles Alive Name: Soy & Houdini

Hissstory: Soy was transferred to us from another wildlife education organization and Houdini was given to us as an unwanted pet.

RA Diet: Frozen mice that are defrosted and warmed up before being served. Mmm mmm good!

Natural Diet: Milk snakes will eat small mammals, eggs, and other reptiles – even other snakes!

Range: You can find Honduran milk snakes in Nicaragua, Northeastern Costa Rica, and the Caribbean slope of Honduras.

Habitat: Honduran milk snakes live on the forest floor of tropical rain forests.

Size: Honduran milk snakes are one of the largest species of milk snake in the world! They can grow over 5 feet long.

Lifespan: Milk snakes typically live around 20 years.

Reproduction: Female milk snakes lay 3-24 eggs which hatch in around 10 weeks.

Conservation: Due to their beautiful colors, milk snakes are highly valued in the wild animal pet trade. Even though these snakes are pretty, they don’t make good pets for most people. Like all snakes, they will not play with you or want to cuddle. Most pet reptiles end up unwanted, sick, or worse.

Cool Facts: Milk snakes use quick, jerky movements so that their bands flash, startling predators. Their bright colors signal danger and often confuse predators, making these snakes hard to follow. Other animals in the rain forest may use the same defense such as colorful parrots and highly venomous coral snakes, which milk snakes resemble.
Some people say the poem “Red touch yellow, kill a fellow. Red touch black, venom lack” to help them remember if a snake is venomous or not. The problem is, there are SO MANY different species and subspecies of milk and coral snakes that the poem does not always work! So at Reptiles Alive, we teach you this poem:
Red touch yellow, stay away fellow
Red touch black, just stay back
No matter what color you see, let snakes be
Snakes belong free in the wild.

“Thank you for making our party the biggest success EVER, people are still talking!” – Adrienne Hash