I finally got a nice day out in the sun. The grass was delicious, although I got it all over my front legs. The clover and chickweed was especially tasty this morning.matt

My next few hours will be spent as follows:

Exactly two and three-quarters laps around the yard.

Have a staring contest with the dog until he gives up. (I think he is more interested in barking than in staring.)

Eat some grass found next to the garden.

Try and climb in to the garden to eat the savory cabbage and garlic.

Sit in the sunniest spot I can find for two hours or for however long I nap for. I really like to nap.

Then I am going to go for a nice soak in the pool.

Life sure is nice for a tortoise.

Uh oh, time to go. One of the woodpeckers is trying to get a grub out of a tree. I am going to ask him for a nice shell tapping. There is one itchy spot I just cannot reach!