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Joanne Fujito

Relief Keeper


Reptiles Alive Name: Jungle Jo

Hisstory: Jungle Jo is a lifelong animal lover and has been working in veterinary medicine since 2005.  She has experience caring for all types of animal species in a medical capacity, including fish and wildlife. When not at Reptiles Alive, Jungle Jo holds a lead technician role in the 24-hour emergency department of a local specialty vet clinic. Her full-time job only treats dogs and cats, so she loves coming to Reptiles Alive whenever she can to help care for all of her reptile/amphibian friends.

RA Diet: Jungle Jo is an opportunistic omnivore that feeds on a wide range of proteins, plants, fruits, and delicious carbohydrates.  

Natural Diet: Behavioral observations show that in an urban, free-range environment, Jungle Jo consumes a diet mostly composed of rice, fish, and ramen.  She also shows a clear preference for ripe, seedless watermelon that has been pre-cut, as well as a uniquely specific enthusiasm for Neopolitan astronaut ice cream.

Range: Shortly following her birth in Bethesda, MD, Jungle Jo relocated to Tokyo, Japan and lived there for 5 years.  After that, she settled back in Northern Virginia but continued her Japanese migration pattern every summer until adulthood.  

Habitat: Jungle Jo is able to exist in various habitats, but is unhappy in hot climates unless a body of water is nearby for her to cool off in.  She prefers cold climates and can be seen skiing, snowboarding, or making snowpeople.    

Size: Though she has maintained a height of 5’2” for some time, Jungle Jo remains hopeful for another growth spurt.  

Lifespan: Experts estimate a longer than average life expectancy of 140 years or more.  

Reproduction: Jungle Jo is not interested in generating any offspring of her own, but she enjoys adopting senior animals and giving them a loving home.  

Conservation:  Jungle Jo loves nature and does everything she can to reduce her carbon footprint.  Together with her partner, she has converted her boring front lawn into a certified wildlife habitat that contains native perennials and seasonal vegetables.  The organic garden is fertilized with composted food/yard waste, and watered using two large rain barrels that Jungle Jo made from recycled materials.

Cool Facts:  As mentioned before, Jungle Jo is an omnivore, but her dentition could indicate otherwise.  She interestingly does not possess any canine teeth due to having them extracted during her youth for lack of space.  However, thanks to the help of forks, knives, and her remaining teeth, eating meat is not a challenge for her.  

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