Party Activities

What in the world am I going to do with all those children in my house?

Entertaining children at a party couldn’t be easier with our awesome games and activities.

Arts and Crafts are best done at the beginning of the party as guests arrive. Sitting at a table and quietly keeping busy is the best way for children to meet each other. Starting a party in this way sets the tone for an organized and fun atmosphere with little work from you.

After all of your guests have arrived, it is time to break out the entertainment and games! We have many reptile themed games to keep the party going.

Custom Invitations

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Party Crafts

Paper Snakes

Paper snakes for the kids to color and take home. Buy cheap white paper plates and cut them in a spiral – working from the outside in. The outside will be the tail and the inside will be the head. Make the head a little bit bigger, then one-hole punch eyes). They may be hung from the ceiling from the hole.

Reptile T-Shirts printer

Buy computer printer iron-on t-shirt transfers from any crafts or office supply store. Have fun with the birthday child choosing pictures from the internet to print out and iron on shirts. Inexpensive white shirts may be purchased at craft stores.

Create Your Own Reptile

Let kids sculpt their own reptile out of clay. Buy a bucket of kids play clay or make your own salt dough.
4 cups flour
1 cup salt
1-1/2 cups hot water (from tap)
2 teaspoons vegetable oil (optional)

Mix the salt and flour together, then gradually add the water until the dough becomes elastic. (Some recipes call for 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil at this point.) If your mixture turns out too sticky, simply add more flour. If it turns out too crumbly, simply add more water. Knead the dough until it’s a good consistency—then get out rolling pins, cups, bowls, straws, cookie cutters, plastic utensils, and let the fun begin!
If you want colored dough, mix food coloring, powdered drink mix, or paint into the water before adding it to the dry ingredients. Or you can paint your creations after baking them at 200 degrees. Baking times will vary depending on the size and thickness of the object, but make sure that all of it is hard. If the dough starts to darken before cooking is complete, cover with aluminum foil. Painted keepsakes will need to be sealed on all sides with clear varnish or polyurethane spray.
You can store your salt dough in a sealed container in the refrigerator, but usually not more than a couple of days.

Party Games

  • Reptile Egg Hunt
    Buy plastic eggs from party supply or craft stores. Fill the eggs with goodies and hide all over your house and yard before the party.
  • Reptile Scavenger Hunt
    Buy small reptile toys from party supply stores. (They typically sell dozens together in a tub, bag or tube. Then simply hide them all over the yard and house.
    For older children, you can design a true scavenger hunt. Split the children into teams and give each team a clue to the first hiding spot. When they find the location, they will recieve a prize and a clue to the next location!
      • Leapin’ Frog Flip
        You need green fun foam and a stuffed toy frog. Cut foam into lilly pads. Put a point on each lilly pad (5 pts, 10 pts, 20 pts, 25 pts and 50 pts). Spread the lilly pads out with the highest points furthest away. Each child gets a turn tossing the frog onto the lilly pads. This is harder than it looks as the frog will bounce off the lilly pads. To get the points, the frog must stay on the pad.
      • Pin the Tongue on the Lizard
        Draw a big lizard on a posterboard. Have the birthday child color it before the party. Cut out lizard tongues from pink construction paper and write the name of each party guest on a tongue. Instead of using a pin, loop a peice of tape and stick to the back of each tongue.
      • Don’t Touch that Snake
        Just like Hot Potato, except with a stuffed snake.
      • Mouse, Mouse, Snake!
        Just like Duck, duck, goose. Children sit in a circle. One child is “it” and walks around the outside of the circle. “It” taps each child on the head and says “mouse…” At any time, the child may tap and call out “snake.” The “snake jumps up and chases “It” around the circle. “Snake” must try to tag “It” before “It” sits in “Snake’s” empty place.
      • Reptile Telephone
        Children sit in a circle. An adult whispers a reptile fact into one child’s ear. That child whispers what he heard to the next child, and so on around the whole circle. The last child says outloud what he heard.
      • Catching Reptiles
        You will need a long stick, a paperclip, string, ribbon, and reptile toys. Wrap each reptile toy with a ribbon and make the bows big. Make a fishing pole with the string, stick, and paperclip bent like a hook. Everyone takes turns “catching” reptiles.
      • Do the Anaconda
        Everyone forms a line with their hands on the hips of the person in front of them. Everyone sings “Do the Ananconda” and dances forward. On the first “Conda,” everyone stops and puts their right foot out. On the next “Conda” everyone puts their left foot out and so on.

Food & Snacks

Reptile Jigglers
Make jello “jigglers” and use reptile or other animal cookie cutter shapes. Follow “jiggler” recipe on box.

Reptile Sandwiches
Make sandwiches into reptile shapes using cookie cutters.

Easy themed foods

      • Snake Eggs (grapes)
      • Dried Ants (raisins)
      • Live Worms (hot dogs cut in slices and boiled so they curl up)
      • Beetle Wings (potato chips)
      • Swamp Water (water bottles) Jungle Juice (juice boxes)
      • Party Subs (lined up like a snake with olives for eyes)
      • Chinese Snake “Noodle” Salad (a peanut noodle salad)

Snake Cakes:

reptile party, animal party, reptile birthday

Albino Burmese Python Cake by Greg Milewsky

You need 2 bundt cakes, frosting, and candy.

1. Cut the rings in half and arrange them in a slithery pattern, frosting them together.

2. Carve a little cake off the sides of the nose, then frost the entire snake.

3. Add the gum ball eyes and the Fruit Roll-up tongue. Decorate the rest of the body with candy spots such as M&M’s. If you are really talented, try decorating with frosting. (See amazing picture above)

Dirt Cups

(clear cups filled with chocolate pudding, crushed chocolate graham crackers or oreos (dirt) with a gummy worm sticking out of them.

More Fun!!!

Printable coloring pages, word searches and crossword puzzles can be found here.

Click Here for our fantastic printable invitations for your event that can be customized!

“Reptiles Alive really knew how to communicate with the kids. The scouts really love her doing the alligator courting song.” – Bob Becklund, Cubmaster, Fairfax, VA