Sarah Ritter

Wildlife Educator

Reptiles Alive Name: SafariSarah

 Hissstory: SafariSarah grew up in Northern Virginia until 2010, when it was time for her to leave the nest and attend Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA where she studied Organismal Biology. Once she graduated and moved back to Northern Virginia she was able to combine her passion for animals with her love for teaching by becoming a wildlife educator!

 RA Diet: Sarah loves feeding on almost anything prepared by Costco.

 Natural Diet: SafariSarah is an opportunistic omnivore, which means she’ll eat almost anything!

 Range: The majority of SafariSarah’s range is in Virginia and West Virginia where you can find her exploring, hiking, and/or backpacking. However, she is hoping to expand her range and continue exploring, hiking, and/or backpacking all over the world!

 Habitat: SafariSarah enjoys visiting a wide variety of different ecosystems, from the beach to the mountains, although she can normally be found out on the road traveling to animal shows or teaching.

 Size: Sarah has reached her maximum height and is hoping she has reached her maximum weight as well.

 Lifespan: SafariSarah could live 90 years or more!

 Reproduction: The only “offspring” SafariSarah is currently raising is an adorable chinchilla named Lola.

 Cool Facts: SafariSarah loves working with animals in the wild and loves spending time volunteering to help band birds of prey.

“Your class was informative, easy to understand, and quite entertaining.” – Donna L. Sweet, Rehabilitation Outreach Coordinator, The Wildlife Center of Virginia