Truckee Meadows/Reno Area – Nevada

Posting by Caroline Seitz

Even though I live and work in the Washington DC area, I consider my other home to be in Reno NV.  I love the desert, the Sierra Nevadas, the Jeffery pine trees, the open views, the awesome weather, and my Dad – who happens to live there too.  I am so lucky because I get to go out to Reno a couple of times a year to visit Dad and have tons of fun.

This visit was, as usual, a total blast!  We visited the old cemetery in Virginia City.  I took a ton of pictures, and I did not find any ghosts, but I did find a couple of nice Western Fence Lizards hanging around the old graves.


In the Nevada desert, the air is so dry that lumber does not rot for a very long time.  So, even after 100 years, the old wooden bed frames that people used to mark graves in the past were still there.  Nevada is the driest state in the country – the humidity level can be around 5%. Here in Virginia, we can have humidity levels of 70% or more – the difference is remarkable when you are in the desert.

But Nevada is not all about the desert.  In addition to being the driest state, Nevada is also the most mountainous state.  The highest mountains in the lower 48 states are the Sierra Nevadas, which lie on the California/Nevada border.  The Sierras are home to many rivers that on the east coast we might call creeks because they seem so small.  Most of the rivers on the eastern side of the Sierras never make it to the ocean – they simply “die” out in the Great Basin.  The Truckee River runs from Lake Tahoe east to Pyramid Lake, where the water simply evaporates into the dry desert air.

Different fish species live in the rivers and lakes.  Our luck trying to catch them, however, was not the greatest.  No grilled trout for breakfast on this trip!


Since we were unsuccessful in our efforts to catch fish, we decided to go out for some  sushi that night.  We went to Oceania at the Peppermill – WOW – what a place!  Sharks, leatherback sea turtles – they had it all.




Leatherback Sea Turtle in Nevada?

It was a great trip – thanks Dad!