Zoo Exhibit at Sporting Smiles Annual Health and Safety Back-to-School Bash

reptile show - animal show - reptile program

*This Event is open to current and future clients of Sporting Smiles. Please contact Sporting Smiles for information on tickets. There are only a few left!*

Come sink your teeth into an awesome event put on by Sporting Smiles Pediatric Dentistry and Family Orthodontics. Reptiles Alive will have an wildly fun Zoo Exhibit set up at Sporting Smiles’ Annual Health and Safety Back-to-School Bash.  Meet a giant frog, lizard, giant roaches, turtle, and a huge Boa or Python.  You and your family will have a chance to see the animals up close, talk to a fun and friendly Wildlife Educator, touch artifacts like skulls and snake skins, and pet some of the animals.  Learn more about our Zoo Exhibits! Check out our Kids Page for fun activities.