Creature Feature: Sudan Plated Lizard

Sudan Plated Lizard

Gerrhosaurus major


Reptiles Alive Name: “Major Gary”

Hisssstory: We rescued Major Gary in September 2001 when he became unwanted by his owner.

RA Diet: Gary devours crickets, meal worms, super worms, roaches, earthworms, greens, vegetables, and fruit.

Natural Diet: Wild plated lizards love insects, especially termites, and vegetation.

Range: Africa

Habitat: Semi-arid grasslands around rock piles and especially in and around termite mounds.

Size: Grows 16 to 28 inches.

Lifespan: Plated lizards can live over 20 years.

Reproduction: Plated lizards lay 2-6 eggs that hatch in three to four months. They will often lay eggs in termite mounds where the temperature stays around 85 degrees.

Conservation: Plated lizards are often captured in the wild and then sold as pets, and sadly, most wild pets do not survive.

Cool Facts: Plated lizards are covered in large scales called osteoderms – scales that have bone in them.  Crocodiles and alligators have similar scales.  Osteoderms protect them from the harsh environment and enemies, kind of like a knight wearing armor.  Plated lizards also have huge ears. Can you seem them in the picture above?