Creature Feature: Ball Python

Ball Python

Python regius


Reptiles Alive Name: “Wilson”

Hisssstory: Wilson was an unwanted pet that we received in June 1998.

RA Diet: Wilson gets to eat medium size frozen and then defrosted rats.  Yummy!

Natural Diet: Birds and mammals.

Range: West Africa.

Habitat: Dry forests and grasslands.

Size: Grows to be an average of 4-5 feet, record of 6.5 feet

Lifespan: Known to live nearly 50 years.

Reproduction: Ball pythons mate in the fall, then after 140 days, the female will lay 6-8 eggs which hatch in about two months.  Unlike most snakes, female ball pythons will usually coil around their eggs and protect them until they hatch.

Conservation: Ball pythons face habitat loss and are sometimes hunted for food and the pet trade.

Cool Facts: Pythons, boas and pit vipers have heat sensing pits near their mouths allowing them to see heat! This special ability helps the snakes capture warm blooded prey in complete darkness.