Birthday Parties in the Flu Season – Be Prepared

Your invitations are sent.   Your Reptiles Alive birthday show is booked.  The decorations are up.  And then…  OH NO!  The birthday person gets sick!  What to do?


Child with the flu

We encourage clients with sick children to call us as soon as possible if the child is sick close to the day (or the day of) the birthday party. Most entertainers will try to work with you to re-schedule your show and party to date that works for both of you.  If that is not possible – we will refund your 100% of your deposit.  It is not fun being at a party when you are sick – and worse, the illness will spread to your guests.

What happens when your party entertainer gets ill?  At Reptiles Alive, we are professional, reliable, and human.  If one of our wildlife educators becomes sick, we work hard to find a replacement educator (we will even call our competitors sometimes) for your party.  On very rare occasions, however, even we have to cancel a show.

Believe me, we never want to do this, but sometimes, due to illness or other reasons out of our control, our educator cannot make it to his/her show.  In over 13 years and thousands of shows, we have had to cancel less than 5.  That is a pretty good record!

What if it is YOUR party we cannot make it to?  Or what if you have hired another party entertainer and they cannot make it?

1.  Always have a back up plan in mind.  Whether you have Reptiles Alive or another party entertainer coming: illness, traffic or other problems can happen that prevent the entertainer from making it to your party.

2.  Back up plans can include extra games , crafts, cooking fun foods together, a TV video, or  if your show canceled because of snow – you can let the guests play outside and build a snowman.  Explore the outdoors, go on a nature walk in your neighborhood, dig in the dirt, or bring the outdoors inside and let the party guests inspect leaves, insects, make leaf and bark rubbings, inspect things up close on a tarp in the living room. Totally fun!

3.  RELAX.  Kids will have fun – really.  I had a birthday mom call us last minute because another party entertainer had to cancel and she had just found out about us.  We were already booked, so we could not make it.  I talked to her about the party:  15 nine year old boys; Cool (50′s) November day; backyard with a fire pit – BINGO!  I suggested she buy hot dogs,  marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.  These boys were old enough to roast s’mores and hot dogs  and they were old enough to enjoy watching/helping Dad build the fire.  They played soccer in the yard, had fun around the fire, ate some cake and went home.  The mom called me later and said the boys had a total blast!

Professional party entertainers never want to cancel a show – trust me.  Sometimes, though, it is simply out of their control.  Especially in the flu season, but anytime, it is always a good idea to be prepared.  That way, you and your party will be happy and fun no matter what happens.


Children LOVE helping to build a fire!